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Ehsan Reyani English Language Educational Collection

With our efforts and perseverance, our group has tried to provide a suitable platform for gaining efficient and up-to-date educational experience, and also tries to pave the way for the growth, progress and success of its students by strengthening and increasing the necessary educational skills.

Using its new educational methods and unique educational program, our collection tries to confidently attract students who are tired of old educational systems and resources and experience a new beginning.

Ehsan Reyani Educational Complex is proud to serve you dear language learners with the strongest educational staff.

Using scientific degrees and years of continuous experience in education, our team members decided to take a big step towards improving the level of education and language learning.

All professors are continuously trained in special workshops for teachers and fully professional courses with the aim of updating and improving the quality of education.




Our team

Our support

We are always ready to provide student response and admission services, determine the level and enroll in special IELTS courses to coordinate matters and address the needs of students every day from 7:30 to 20:30.