Reading is the second skill to be tested on the IELTS test. This section contains three or four texts that are stacked from easy to hard. The total number of questions in the IELTS reading section is 40, which you must answer in 60 minutes.

Reading test sections:

There are 3 texts in this section, which are between 2150 and 2750 words in total.

Each section contains a long authoritative text taken from a book in a magazine or newspaper. These texts are suitable for non-professional readers and in scientific fields of public interest, the level of difficulty of which is suitable for applicants who intend to study at undergraduate and higher levels.

The style of the texts is from descriptive and real to analytical and may have diagrams and images. If the texts contain specialized information, a list of vocabulary descriptions is provided at the end of the text.

Skills to be assessed:

Understand the essence of the content
Understand the main idea
Understand the details
Understanding inference and implication
Recognize the author’s attitude and purpose
Ability to follow discussion