Listening is the first skill to be evaluated on test day. Before playing the audio file, you will have the opportunity to be more prepared to answer the IELTS Listening section by reading the questions. The questions from the audio file can be in the form of four options (Matching), matching, naming the map and chart, filling out the form and …

This section has 4 sections:

Part 1: An everyday conversation between 2 people. (Like a conversation in a hotel)

Part 2: A lecture on social and everyday issues. (Like an announcement about the facilities of a place or a report on the order of a conference)

Part 3: A conversation between 2 to a maximum of 4 people on an educational-academic topic.

(University professor and student talk about an assignment, a group of students talk about planning a research project)

Part 4: Presentation on a scientific topic. (Such as academic presentations)

Skills to be assessed in this section:

An original idea
Understand specific information
Recognize the speaker’s views, attitudes and purpose
Ability to follow discussion

Test duration:

Approximately 30 minutes plus 10 minutes to transfer answers from the booklet to the reply letter.